Ingrid Karlsson Kemp

As a versatile mixed media artist, I believe art should tell a meaningful story to the beholder. My narrative style of work is very much based on encapsulating my own personal memories and memories and experiences, yet illustrated in a way that can be interpreted individually by the viewer. I originally began my colourful journey as an artist drawing all over my Dad’s meeting agendas and business papers as a child! As long as I can remember I have practised art in some form, from stitching to photography; painting in a range of media from oils to gouache and acrylics; working in graphic design and illustration. Mostly inspired by storytelling, my work also combines the magical scenery and ever-changing seasonal colours bestowed around my studio in Upper Dovedale, a most beautiful part of the Peak District in which I am lucky to both live and work. I also draw on inspiration from my Swedish roots, enhanced by my regular journeys back home. I utilise an approach that creates rich, colourful textures developed from recycled paper-based materials, or stitched in fabric and fibre. Some of my favoured techniques include collage, mono-printing and crystalline water colour enhancing the work with a luminous quality. The result is a three dimensional, visual representation attempting to evoke thought.