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Information on our tutors

Ann Swan

Ann works primarily in graphite and coloured pencil and is well known for her exquisitely fine detail, vibrant colours and strong contemporary style. She champions the underdog in the plant world, drawing our attention to Brussels sprouts or beetroots feeling they are just as beautiful as the iris or tulip. She is passionate about coloured pencils believing they are easy to master, forgiving and accessible so that even a complete beginner can quite quickly produce work of quality. She began to exhibit in 1990 and now shows her work worldwide.

Elaine Searle

I hold a BA Hons in Graphic Design, and had a long career in packaging and retail graphics. Inspired by an Introductory class with Anne Marie Evans, I studied for a diploma in botanical art, graduating in 2004. When not painting I teach others at all levels. This has enabled me to meet extraordinary people and also to travel, which I love. In January 2016 I shall become Course Director of the Diploma Course in Botanical Illustration and Painting at The Chelsea School of Botanical Art. Other painting and teaching activities will continue unchanged.

Fiona Strickland

Fiona was trained in Drawing and Painting at Edinburgh College of Art, which included a year of Post Graduate study and a Travelling Scholership.  An experienced teacher of twenty six years she tutors Master classes at The Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh.  Fiona is an award winning member of the Society of Botanical Artists and recipient of an RHS Gold Medal.  Recently invited by the RHS she exhibited a series of paintings at Fulham Palace in an exhibition designed to give the visitor a taste of the best standard in Botanical Painting available today.  Fiona has exhibited her paintings nati

Gael Sellwood

Gael is a qualified teacher and illustrator of over 15 years experience and runs local classes specialising in developing compositions that suit the material she is painting. Gael has written and published a number of articles, the most important of which was ‘painting nature on vellum’ in 2004. Gael has been teaching adults since 1992 utilising natural objects, affected, renounced and used by nature. Painting in watercolour (usually on vellum) recreating a season, a feeling, a scent or an experience for posterity.

Gaynor Dickeson

Gaynor Dickeson Dip SBA(Dist), SBA, SFP

Gaynor is an experienced teacher with many years in natural history illustration.  She works in watercolour, coloured pencil and graphite and has pictures in collections in Europe, the USA and Australia.

After school, the choice was between art or nursing.  Nursing won but she still kept up her artistic interests while living in Norway for 25 years.

Helen Campbell

Helen is a botanical artist living in the Cotswolds. Helen has set out to capture in watercolour, the wonderful array of flowers and fruits that grow here. Botanical illustration has been used for centuries to identify species of plants. However, Helen prefers a less scientific approach ... Helen works entirely from photographs taken from the many trips made to country houses, orchards and occasionally neighbours' gardens! This makes it possible to capture all colour, light and shade in a moment, and faithfully reproduce it.

Helen Hanson

Helen Hanson has always been interested in creating a “window on the wild”. As a child she loved the countryside and its flowers, spending much of her spare time painting and drawing. She spent many years as a professional printmaker, exhibiting her evocative landscape etchings . A member of Greenwich Printmakers and a founder member of South Bank Printmakers Helen is also a member of the Society of Botanical Artists and a winner of the President’s Award for her printmaking.

Ingrid Karlsson Kemp

As a versatile mixed media artist, I believe art should tell a meaningful story to the beholder. My narrative style of work is very much based on encapsulating my own personal memories and memories and experiences, yet illustrated in a way that can be interpreted individually by the viewer. I originally began my colourful journey as an artist drawing all over my Dad’s meeting agendas and business papers as a child!

Jane Nicholas Barne

Jane is a Wiltshire based artist who specilises in Charcoal and Pencil Drawings focusing on Rural Landscapes and Botanical themes.  Jane is currently working and teaching from a home studio just outside of Marlborough.  To see examples of Jane's work see www.janenicholas.co.uk