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Janie Pirie

 Just a quickie to say how very much I enjoyed the two days with you. Your work is outstanding and your enthusiasm electric. From one teacher to another, I would like to compliment you on having that special gift to teach, and so generously pass on invaluable information about your skill, so much of which you have learned, I am sure, through experience.

Janie with good friend Alan Titchmarsh
at BBC Gardener's World Live.

Jeremy Ford

As a versitile painter with over thirty years experience I will help students to learn and enjoy painting in a friendly and informal atmosphere, spending time with each student giving plenty of encouragment explaining various tips and techniques.  I am ideally qualified for teaching the first-time painter as well as the advanced painter adapting my one-to-one teaching to individual needs. I will give plenty of demonstrations to assist in the learning process.  I was the last President of the S.A.A. (Society for All Artists) Demonstrator for St.

Julie Small

Julie Small is a member of the Society of Botanical Artists and an RHS Gold Medallist.  Working in a variety of venues, collection and institutions, Julie has been tutoring for many years and is currently a Tutor for the SBA Distance Learning Course.  Julie works in graphite pencil and in pen and ink and her expertise in these areas has resulted in a demand for her tuition alongside her detailed and exquisite art work.


52° 53' 32.406" N, 2° 12' 49.482" W

Leigh Ann Gale

Following art college and a career in graphic design, Leigh Ann took up botanical painting at evening classes in 1997.  Inspired by these classes she went on to complete the Diploma in Botanical Painting and Illustration at the English Gardening School, Chelsea Physic Garden, London.  Leigh Ann draws inspiration for her paintings from a wide range of subject matter, particularly specimens that are rich in colour, feature interesting textures or have an intricate structure.  She works predominantly in watercolour but also enjoys working with coloured pencils for some projects.  Leigh Ann is

Liz Wellby

Derbyshire born Liz, is a versatile fine artist, who continues to explore a range of disciplines. Originally trained in sculpture, she currently focuses on lino, woodcuts and monoprinting. The themes of home, countryside and the domestic environment are important to her.
Liz is artist in residence at Scarthin Books at Cromford, Derbyshire, where she is developing her interest in digital art using her iPad to explore the interior, exterior and people.

Maggie Robinson

As a former musician, Maggie finds that seeing the landscape through the eyes, not only of an artist, but also through the feelings of a musician helps her to focus on her own interpretation of the beautiful English countryside. The richly textured layers of work enable her to develop ideas and celebrate through her imagination all that is beautiful ,rhythmic and harmonious and which have all become part of her series ‘The music of the Landscape’.

Matthew Palmer

I began painting at a very young age. Art was always in my blood and it was a subject I always understood. I could see perspective and how buildings all have the same basic structure, and I could see the shadows in a tree. It was this early artistic flair that really helped me along the path to becoming a professional artist. I have always thought that children’s minds are like sponges; they absorb information with an almost photographic memory. Because I spent time drawing and sketching objects like trees, I really captured these in my mind.

Paul Curtis

Paul is a professional artist. His work is closely connected with the Derbyshire landscape and he has given regular exhibitions both here and abroad including events at the Royal Academy.  To see examples of Paul's work see www.penleyart.co.uk

Paul Pigram

Conwy based pastel artist, Paul Pirgram is an experienced pastel painter and tutor and has been painting and teaching pastels for several years having perfected techniques to capture light and shade within a painting.
Working almost exclusively with soft pastels on sanded card and demanding a lot from his working surface applying at least 5 layers of pastel for every painting. This gives real depth of colour especially when painting landscapes.

Ros Franklin

With her passion for plants, and scientific background, Ros delights in sharing her love of botanical painting & illustration, and botany through her courses in her studio in Dorset. Ros also teaches on botanical drawing & illustration courses at The Eden Project, Cornwall, and at RHS Rosemoor, UK.
Ros became Chairman of the Eden Project Florilegium Society in January 2012.